When the grape
starts to ripen

Cuando la uva comienza su madurez

"Envero" is the suggestive name applied to the moment when the fruit begins its maduration, the grapes become sweeter and their color is transformed. In one single day, the white grape turns yellowy, the red becomes darker. the grape seeds abandon their clorofilic function and begin their storage. It is then when they gain flexibility and the bunches acquire their characteristic tonality.

It is usually the sun in august that triggers this beautiful natural process, that tinges the vineyards with different colors and fills them with contrasts. towards the end of the summer, nature provides us with a magic instant of changing environments, exuberant bunches of grapes stemming out of the stock leaves, and amazes us with the sweet taste of the same grapes that, hours before, were only green seeds filled with promise.

¿Why Mar de Envero?

As the wine maker was increasing his knowledge in viticulture in O Rosal, subarea of the larger section known as Rias Baixas (Lower Inlets) of the Galicia region in Northwestern Spain, he was amazed as he saw, on a specific area of vineyards in which the foliaged surface of the vine arbor was below the road line, that this undulating foliage spread itself out, in a formation of green waves, towards the sea. Curiously this sighting occurred in August, time in which occurs the longed veraison, phenomenon in which the grape sweetens and changes its colour turning, in one day, yellow the white grapes and dark the red ones thus providing to bunchs the characteristic tone of maturation.