Although Troupe was born inspired by the aesthetics of the 1920s and cabaret shows, it is a young wine, with typicality, since it is made with the queen variety of the Rías Baixas Appellation: the Albariño grape. Its great aromatic power evokes memories of fruits such as peach, pear or passion fruit, honeysuckle and ending in elegant rose petals coming through. Kindest and captivating palate, its balance invites to surrender to the charms of a very seductive and sexy wine.

To which century do the first reports of Albariño in Galicia date back?

Are Galician rosé wines made with white grapes more aromatic than the olorosos from Jerez?

Which of the following options is a grape variety?

By what name are the paths that form the rows of a vineyard known?

Is Ferrón a Galician grape variety?