Mar de Envero Albariño on Lees

The production of this wine may seem novel, but in reality it follows the ancient practices of white wines that improved in the bottle over time. The process begins with a light maceration with the skins and at a low temperature. The degrees are then allowed to rise a little naturally in order to carry out a good alcoholic fermentation and ending with aging in contact with its own lees in stainless steel vats, a period that usually varies depending on the vintage, achieving an expressive aromatic complexity and an excellent structure on the palate.

To which century do the first reports of Albariño in Galicia date back?

Are Galician rosé wines made with white grapes more aromatic than the olorosos from Jerez?

Which of the following options is a grape variety?

By what name are the paths that form the rows of a vineyard known?

Is Ferrón a Galician grape variety?