Presentation in company of the new albariño ' Sea of envero ' with a wine tasting in the Palace of Carmen.

Presentación en sociedad del nuevo albariño Mar de Envero

4/3/2008 - La Voz de Galicia

Text: Concha Pino

The presentation in company of a wine always is an event, especially if the butlers have the premiere in the adventure of launching onto the market a quality product with innovations in the production.

The wine is Mar de Envero and his makers are from Santiago de Compostela. The new broth, a white monovarietal of albariño of Cambados, which appeared yesterday in the AC Palacio del Carmen, has two new characteristics that are tested by 30,000 liters of this first crop. And they are that the process begins with a maceration in cold for several hours, with the aim to obtain the best primary aromas and to continue with the fermentation in warehouses of stainless steel and later upbringing on you tie (yeasts accumulated in the fermentation), persons in charge of whom the wine has structure great in the palate.
They know it already, the wine albariño with the name of Rías Baixas designation, with all the controls and guarantees of the Regulatory Advice, which in addition has a poetical name. The word envero is of the slang of the vine-growers. This way they name at the rate of colour of the grape, the moment in which it happens from the green one to the yellow one in case of the white one, or from the green one to the red one in the ink. Something like adolescence of the fruit, the transition of the infancy and the age of the unconsciousness I walk of the maturity. And from this combination comes the nice name that it means in the label of black bottom, when the grapes are like a Mar de envero.